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Where to buy Ativan online?

Lorazepam, the brand name of Ativan is used for short-term treatment of anxiety. There are various symptoms of anxiety disorders like heart palpitations, muscle tension, problems in sleeping and shortness in breath. When it comes to taking lorazepam for treating anxiety and panic disorder, it is always preferred to consult a doctor before consuming them. The doctor may evaluate the person by asking questions about his medical history and letting him perform a physical test and find out the causes of anxiety. Upon evaluation the person will be prescribed lorazepam, which is the best anxiety medication. Based on the prescription, the person can buy lorazepam online as they find it comfortable and easy to procure drugs from online stores where they can read in detail about the product and then order the drug whereas in traditional stores they find it difficult to enquire about a drug for a long time. Purchasing Ativan from online pharmaceutical companies is not only easy but also secure and safe as there are many safety options available. One such option is tracking of the product, where the customer will be allowed to track the progress, so that he may not worry about the safe delivery of the product. Dosage must be taken into concern while taking this anti-anxiety pill. Lorazepam dosage should be less in the initial stage and can be gradually increased after consulting a doctor, if needed

Difference between Ativan 1mg and Ativan 2mg

There is no big difference in size when it is compared with 1mg and 2 mg of Ativan. However, there are differences in the effectiveness and longevity of the medicine which should be taken into account. Both are used in the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders but when Lorazepam dosage is increased to 2mg it stays longer than the normal lorazepam 1mg tablet. The dosage can be increased only after consulting a doctor as the prescription of this medicine is based on the age, medical history and gender of the person taking them. The recommended starting dose for adults is 2mg of lorazepam to treat anxiety. The dosage strength may vary for some people depending on the type of anxiety for which they are consuming the medication. Generally, when taking the medicine in small dosage it has few side effects and if the medicine is taken in higher dosage, the possibilities of side effects is more. So it is always better to start the treatment with a lower dosage of the medicine as prescribed by the physician. Both the dosages of Ativan are commonly taken by mouth with or without food on a regular basis for a time of 1 to 4 weeks. People who are taking this pill are not advised to stop consuming the medicine without consulting their doctor as they may be prescribed with higher dosage or longer duration which may lead to withdrawal symptoms if stopped all of a sudden. To avoid withdrawal symptoms like extreme anxiety, nervousness, tension and vomiting it is safe to reduce the dosage of the medicine gradually.

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Where to buy Ativan online? Is a prescription required to get Ativan online?

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