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Is a prescription required to get Valium online?

Valium is a prescription medicine that is taken to treat multiple conditions. Some of them include acute panic attacks or anxiety, seizures and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Suffering from any such condition would steal joy and bring depression to people. Hence this pill can be their tool of weapon in such conditions. Consisting of the prime ingredient diazepam, this medicine acts on the chemicals of nerve cells in the brain and bring about a balance in them. Valium uses are not restricted to just these as there are also many off-label uses for it as well. FDA has categorized this med as a schedule IV controlled substance hence it needs to be used with strict regulation without deviating from the stipulations provided by a doctor.

Since this is prescription medicine a prescription is an absolute must to get it from most online pharmacies. But there are few Canadian pharmacies that offer an online prescription because they work with their own team of professionals to evaluate the case of each person. In such Canadian pharmacies valium is also good in quality and will provide the same result as other pharmacies. They also provide the drug in different dosage strengths and in different quantities. For management of anxiety 2 to 10 mg is given 2 to 4 times a day depending on the severity. The dosage for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal is different and it can be obtained by consulting a doctor.

Difference between valium generic and valium brand

This medicine was first manufactured by Roche laboratories and this company owned the sole proprietary rights to manufacture the pill. This is usually made possible with the help of a patent. After the patent expiration many other companies, with an intention to tap into the great popularity of valium, started manufacturing their own formulations but having diazepam as their main ingredient. These are often referred to as generics and they are made much cheaper than the brand ones before they are only going to imitate the composition of valium. But they still need to follow the quality and safety standards for them to be approved by the FDA. Hence, many people would also like to purchase generic valium instead of the brand one because it a cheaper alternative.

But this pill cannot be used for longer periods because the body will become physically dependant on it. This means that prolonged usage after a certain recommended period will require higher dosages to give the same effect. After a certain period even the highest dose would not be sufficient to give a desirable result. Valium uses many effective methods to treats its users but it also produces equally dangerous withdrawal symptoms if it is not used properly. Below are certain precautions an individual must practice in order to ensure safe consumption

  • Do not consume this pill with alcoholic beverages
  • Refrain from taking other anti-anxiety pills while using this pill
  • Do not use a higher dosage strength than what is recommended for your specific case
  • Do not crush or snort the pill.

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Where to buy valium online? Is a prescription required to get valium online

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