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A Teaching Tool for Art Therapy Educators:

Art therapy assessments and rating instruments: Do they measure up?

PowerPoint Presentation delineating types of rating scales used in conjunction with art therapy assessments, presented at the 2007 AATA conference:

A major flaw in much of the art therapy assessment research relates to poor methods of rating pictures. An assessment is only as good as the system used to rate it because well-constructed, standardized scales for rating artwork are vital in order to validate assessment findings and to determine the reliability of subjects’ scores.

Rating instruments vary in the types of scales that they use to measure test items. Generally there are four types of scales, each of which has a different degree of refinement in measuring test variables: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio (Aiken, 1997). But is one type of rating scale better than another? In a convenient PowerPoint presentation format, Betts (2007) addresses this question with citations from the literature and expert opinions from members of the American Psychological Association Division 5, Measurement, Evaluation and Statistics. Information about the various types of rating scales is provided, including a comparison of the Diagnostic Drawing Series (DDS) rating system (Cohen, 1986/1994) and that of the Person Picking an Apple From a Tree (PPAT) assessment, i.e., the Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale (FEATS) (Gantt & Tabone, 1998).

Betts, D. J. (2007). Art therapy assessments and rating instruments: Do they measure up? The American Art Therapy Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM: The American Art Therapy Association.

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